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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

My New Favourite Thing....

One word (well technically maybe it two but they are smooshed together): OmniOutliner. Let me backtrack for a moment. My new MacBook is fabulouso. It practically croons me to sleep at night. I'm working on a couple of new things and the software that this thing has makes me wonder why anyone anywhere would ever us a PC again. And yes, I know that there are dyed-in-the-wool PCers out there who will now threaten to bomb my house for saying such a thing, but when you are the type of computer user who has in the past frequently been heard plaintively calling 'HON.....I clicked something and now the thing won't do that thing...No...I don't have any idea what I did. NO! It doesn't just happen to me. [it does] Really it's not my fault.' then this Mac? with it's intuitive software? Pretty much heaven on earth for a demi-geek like me. Case in point. The other day I was browsing thru the applications in my Finder (and seriously, did these people design this stuff specifically for me? I mean 'Finder', you know to find things, really?) looking for something else when I came across OmniOutliner. I never thought I'd say this but this software has the potential to change everything - dare I say quite possibly to improve the quality of life around here. I know this seems hasty but something snapped inside me when I watched the tutorials for this litte app. You see, I'm not much of a list maker. I'm more the store-it-up-in-my-head till I reach maximum capacity and then explode. Efficient, no? Yes, and healthy too. But now, I can click open my OO and just start typing. There isn't any need to worry about organizing it until it's all out of my head. Then it's simply a matter of click-drag-drop into it's rightful place and voila! I am an organizational maniac. And I know that I could just write things out by hand, but somehow it's just not the same. All the same reasons that I don't write in a notebook. Somehow opening a fresh page here or in my Outliner just makes me percolate with possibilities. Start typing, fill up the pretty box, click, post, print. No distracting hand writing. No pens that mysteriously stop writing half way thru said list sending you on a fool's errand to find another writing utensil. Pristinely printed pages (and pages and pages) of well organized lists. Enough lists to wallpaper a room. sigh.... I think it might be love.


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