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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Oh! Hi....

Yes. This is me. Remembering that I have a blog. And remembering that there is life outside of homeschooling. And renovating. And juggling various administrative type tasks for various theatre companies. I'm tired of it all. And I know, I owe you all a huge update and a commitment to get back on track with this blog thing. But instead? I'm going to give you pictures of the men in my life (or at least some of them). In order of appearance: 1- Finn in the tub.....bubbles....need I say more? 2- Ethan: Intensity Personified 3- My sweet, sweet brotherin-law Jordan (feeling self conscious around me and my cam) 4- More fun in the tub. 5- One very tired husband. I'm so in love with them all.


  • Boo! Just checking in to see how you're doing - of course, I've been away to FL for the past month myself, so sorry for not poking in before. How's the homeschooling and theatring (is that a word?) going over there? Updates, we wants updates! ;)

    Also, are you around on MSN anymore? 'Cause I figured it's about time I moved some people from my old account there over to the one I actually use, so readded you... maybe see you on there again sometime! :)

    By Anonymous Zephie, at 7/29/2007 04:08:00 p.m.  

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