The Fabricated Goddess

Tuesday, March 13, 2007


Hello there, gentle reader. Welcome to March Madness, or spring break as you may know it. We here at the Casa Del Boncos would like to greet you with a warm embrace and perhaps a mildly inappropriate bum massage. Which you will ignore. Also? We have morning breath. You have been warned. But, what am I saying?! Come in! Sit! WAIT! Not there. Sorry, my housework is a little behind. Yes, that's it, just scooch that pile of unfolded BUT CLEAN laundry over. See now? Your fitting right in here. What's the matter, my little pork chop? You look a little pale. Ah, not to worry, you'll so get used to things around here. I promise. Now, to business! I have a two week break here to catch you up on all that you have been missing. ME! You've been missing me. So before my comment box fills up with nasty notes about not posting, I will get back on this poor neglected horse. And hopefully, once I'm back on I will remember what to do. Right? Okay, that's the plan. Don't look so confused! You are so coy sometimes, petit chou! Pretending like you have no idea what I'm talking about. I love that about you. Alright, I'll spell it out for you: I will be posting EVERY DAY during March Madness! What? I didn't post on Monday? Really, that was yesterday? Oh you! Always such a stickler for details. Never mind, I'm conveniently ignorant of the little things. I'm looking at the Big Picture! You should know this by now. No matter, I'm not one to chastise, most especially you! 'Till tomorrow, sweet lasagna, I bid farewell.


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