The Fabricated Goddess

Saturday, February 17, 2007


File under "S" for scintillating. Shop Girl 1: I'm hungry. Wanna order something? Shop Girl 2: Sure. What do you feel like? SG 1: Pizza? SG 2: I don't know. Maybe. Dominos? SG 1: There's the Yellow Pages. You calling? SG 2: Okay. Hmmm, Dominos doesn't deliver before 11 am? Even ON SATURDAY?? SG 1: Weird. SG 2: They should be open all day Saturday. Really early. SG 1: Yeah. SG 2: Hey, there's an ad for hypnosis in the middle of the pizza ads. HA HA HA. SG 1: Um.... SG 2: That's so funny! SG 1: How 'bout Pizza Hut? SG 2: Ugh! Too salty. Taste like they poured a cup of salt on top. SG 1: I could really go for Chicken Chow Mein. SG 2: No. I can't eat that. Too much MSG. I always get sick. SG 1: Really. SG 2: Yes. The first time I ate it, I got sick. The second time I ate that, I got sick. SG 1: Hmmm. SG 2: Yeah. I hadn't eaten all day and then I ate it and then I got sick. I got a headache and my eyes went all glassy. SG 1: Wow. Pita? SG 2: NO. Oh no, they gave me food that wasn't cooked all the way last time. And then the next time I went there they gave me raw food again. SG 1: Oh. SG 2: You could get salmonella. SG 1: I guess. SG 2: Besides, they are putting less and less stuff in their pitas. Ha ha ha. SG 1: The deli? They have those egg rolls. SG 2: NO.WAY! SG 1: You don't like those? SG 2: They are just big grease balls. I can't eat those. SG 1: Quiche? SG 2: What?? SG 1: You know, QUICHE. SG 2: ... SG 1: Those things? With the bread? SG 2: ...


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