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Saturday, March 10, 2007

I'm Still Here....

Faithful readers, friends, I have not gone anywhere (except perhaps a little crazy) I'm still here, and I'm still blogging. You know, composing blog posts in my head while I'm doing other things, fully intending to come here and give this space a good dose of me on a regular basis. But there's a problem. Somewhere between formulating my next post and actually typing it into the nice neat box that Blogger so kindly provides for slacker writers like myself, there's a gigantic disconnect. I think it's called life or "who knew having your kids home all the time would eat up so much time and energy". Really. But, FEAR NOT, for it is March break around here and we have two weeks off to catch up on everything. My washing machine is rejoicing. Look forward to such wonderous posts such as "Life After Cheese" and "Still Pooping: Season 2". OH COME ON!! You know you've missed hearing about my bodily functions. Just admit it. I promise, I will update you on all the haps. You can thank me later. 'Till then, here's a couple of recent photos to tide you over. Mr. Tough Guy Suki Stands Guard Ethan - Ball Hockey Boy


  • I'm so glad you're still here...missed you. Ya...I love your posts and look forward to the ones that have been formulating...even when they are about bodily makes me laugh!!

    By Blogger Richard and Kristy, at 3/10/2007 08:15:00 p.m.  

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