The Fabricated Goddess

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Don't Even Ask.....

So I had all these great plans to keep on posting, but then my life took a turn for the insane. Also this happened: See that? That 'CREW PASS - ALL ACCESS'? That right there is proof positive that I know ALL the wrong people. I spent the better part of yesterday afternoon and evening at a dress rehearsal where I unsuccessfully wrangled an 800 pound curtain. Seriously I'm, what, 5"1'? That curtain took me down. Boy howdy though, the choir was mightly entertained. It's good to know I got to perform an impromptu sideshow for everyone. Warms my heart. Today for the actually performances I'm going to cue some muscle to show that curtain who's boss. On the upside, I have an appointed runner for today so that I don't have to have a brain meltdown trying to prep and cue the next performers up. Tune in tomorrow when I'll regale you with tales form the dark underbelly of stage. I think I'll title it 'Stage Manager Memoir - Tales From the Wrong Side of the Curtain'.


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