The Fabricated Goddess

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

The Scene....

Here's what things look like around here. Day after day. After day. Ethan: [announcing loudly] I have to go to the bathroom. Finn: [20 seconds after Ethan's butt makes contact with the toilet seat] EEEE-than! I have to go to the bathroom!!! Ethan: I just got on here, I'm not done. Finn: But I have to go. MOOOOOMMMMMM Ethan won't let me go to the bathroom!! Ethan: Hey! I'm not done. NOW LEAVE ME ALONE! I need some PRIVACY! Finn: [laying on the floor outside the bathroom door, pants halfway down, holding his butt and kicking the bathroom door] EEEEE-THAN!! LET. ME. INNNN!! Do you want me to poop my pants?? Ethan: Okay fine. Go and I'll finish when you are done. [stand up and lets Finn in] Finn: [concentrating very hard] I. Can't. Get. It. OUT! [crying and getting off the toilet] I can't poop! Ethan: That's okay. [closing the bathroom door] Sometimes it's just a false alarm. Finn: [laying on hallway floor again] AWWW, now I CAN'T go to the bathroom. Ethan won't let me! [crying, kicking the bathroom door] Me: ARGH! [Repeat. Repeat. Repeat.]


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