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Thursday, November 30, 2006

Novemeber 30th Already.....

I can't believe I've posted all month every day and it wasn't even all that traumatic. For me, that is. I'm glad I did it. So glad, in fact, that I'm not going to stop blogging everyday, for now anyway. I know that if I let myself think it's okay to stop blogging, I will, well, stop blogging and go back to posting so sporadically that my friends eventually start leaving me nasty phone messages along the lines of "blog, damnit". Not pretty, I assure you. So for now, consider this experiment officially NOT over. I'll see how long I can keep this up, and you will be forced to come and look everyday if only to see how giddy it will get over here. Mmmm, bloggy goodness. I thought, though, that today I would treat you to a list. I know -YAY! This list will be comprised of things I like and dislike. Kind of a "what's hot and what's not" in the world of me. Oh, how scintillating. Here's the like (in no particular order): -The first cup of coffee in the morning. Somehow that first one tastes the best. -The sound of my boys laughing with complete abandon. -The sound of rain on the roof. -Getting snowed in. -A glass of red wine at the end of a hectic (aren't they all?) day. -Hot showers. -Movies (oh let's face it, and sometimes commercials) that make me cry. -Selflessness. -Cheese. Really, any kind is fine. -The kind of comfortable silence you can have with someone you know really well. -Songs that inspire me. -Humility. The kind that isn't afraid to say 'sorry', to stand corrected without defensiveness and anger. Maybe I admire this one so much because I'm still learning it myself. -Sunshine. -Really good bread. The no-likey: -Arrogance. -The sound of people fighting. -Dry toast. -Stale coffee. -Self-sabatoge. -Money. And with it the accompanying greed. -Wounds. Be they physical, spiritual, or emotional. -Lack of self-discipline (in myself, in particular). -Clutter (and yet, mysteriously, I seem to have a generous portion of that over here). -Being made to feel stupid. Thanks again to everyone who stopped by this month and encouraged me to forge on. I have felt your love in no small way. I will be making my little "prize draw" this weekend. Hopefully by tomorrow I'll be able to post a picture of my completed project. I'm going to assume that most of my regular readers, most of whom I know personally, want to be included in the giveaway. For anyone else who would like to, aww heck, even if you are just a lurker too shy to post a comment, send an email along in the next day (or two, no later than Sunday Dec. 3) to fabricatedgoddess (at) yahoo (dot) ca and I'll throw your name into the hat.


  • Humility...OUCH!
    That one hurt, why I am not sure, except that maybe I agree with you too. I need more learnin'.
    Man does that mean I need the "hot seat?" Darn crap shoot anyway, LOL!

    By Blogger Treasured Grace, at 11/30/2006 08:05:00 PM  

  • You always have a hot seat, shram. (pinch pinch) And Sol, if commercials are makin' ya cry... well there are meds for that (lets find both you and me a dose that works shall we) I love you and am crazy 'bout your bloggin.

    By Blogger mylittlelight, at 11/30/2006 09:38:00 PM  

  • Oh I'm so glad to hear your gonna keep goin' It is part of my daily entertainment ya know. You make me laugh and think all at the same time. I like alot of the same things you do...especially the Coffee & Cheese or Coke & Cheese work too (hence the big white photo) Love ya Lots, Deb

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 12/01/2006 09:54:00 AM  

  • I love the comfortable silence thing too. It's says a lot about a friendship. And, I hate being made to feel stupid. I agree with all of the things on your lists.

    Yay! I'm happy you're still going to post even though your months is up. Thanks!

    By Anonymous Simone, at 12/01/2006 10:27:00 AM  

  • It's amazing how those things that are familiar make us feel secure and comfortable. It's good to have those things in your life for the easy times and the not-so-easy times. Good for you for achieving your goal! I will keep reading (and laughing)and can't wait to see the prize!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 12/01/2006 01:07:00 PM  

  • You just keep it comin' - I love to read you every day!
    Love Angie

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 12/01/2006 02:10:00 PM  

  • Hon,

    I think you forgot to add the "hot seat" to your dislikes

    Love Jen

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 12/01/2006 05:35:00 PM  

  • Oh come on, we secretly love the hotseat, don't we? Maybe? No? Okay. But I did forget SUSHI on my likey list.

    By Blogger Fabricated Goddess, at 12/01/2006 06:53:00 PM  

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