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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Wednesday Jumble....

This blogging every day is interesting, you know? Because before I started doing this I always had trouble thinking of what to write about. And now? It's just so darn hard to narrow it down to ONE topic! So I'm going to give you the topic run downs. Yes. Instead of actually writing a fully concieved and drafted post, I'm just going to give you the title and subject with a brief synopsis. You're on to me here, I know. Here goes: - Today I was sent a link about Marzipan Babies . I'm, um....huh? Marzipan? Babies? Frightneningly anatomically correct! Apparently (and thankfully) made out of silicone! Fit in the palm of your hand! Not like those pesky real life babies. All I can think to say about this is WHY?! Why does one need a miniature life-like anatomically correct silicone baby? And what does one do with such an item? Display it? Hide it in, say, the top of your dresser or the kitchen junk drawer? Leave it in it's original packaging?? And how do you explain why you have it? I am duly disturbed. - I talked to my friend Treena today (Hi Treen!!) and it was just so good to hear her voice. Why haven't I called her more? Or, like, you know, ever, since she moved away? In a nut shell? Because I suck. It's true. She's not the only one who I have neglected to stay in touch with. I've actually caught myself saying to people (sadly on more than one occasion) "I think about calling you all the time!!" D. Uh. Could someone just stencil a giant "L" on my forehead already and get it over with? - Why am I not more paranoid about how quickly Christmas is coming up? Have I finally lost my mind? I should be panic stricken! I should be running circles in the snow shrieking about marmosets*! I should be furiously shopping! And fretting! Instead I'm rather calm and collected. It might be that I've matured and I've planned ahead and am stunningly organized. HEY, stop snickering, I said MIGHT. - I had another one of my "pregnancy" dreams. Thankfully not quintuplets this time so it had that 'pheewff" quality about it. Why am I dreaming about being pregnant? I have no idea. Seriously. - I'm thinking of writing a book entitled "Eight Thousand Reasons Why Farming Squirels Would Be Easier Than Raising Boys: The Handbook". It's reasonable to think that I may actually be onto something here. Also? I'm so very tired again today but seeing as how I've already whined about this here several times in the last couple of months, I'll just leave it at that. *Bonus points for anyone who knows where that 'marmoset' reference comes from.


  • Well, now you've made me come out of the woodwork and leave a comment. It was so great to talk to you great. I think you're having those dreams cuz subconciously you think "if she can do it, I can too". Love you my friend, Treena.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 12/14/2006 11:13:00 a.m.  

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