The Fabricated Goddess

Monday, December 11, 2006


What a crazy day! We stood in line to sign up for gymnastics, the January session. Made a trip to Costco for the ladies brunch tomorrow. Dropped food off at it's final destination. Obtained haircuts for two very scraggely boys - I told Ethan he was starting to look like Mogli. He was not amused. Attempted to clean up the toys, in particular under the bed. I made Finn put on the miners style flash light head lamp and told him it would be like cave exploring but with treasures to find. And I cleaned out my various stashes of make-up and tossed all old unusable lipsticks, foundations, eye shadows and blushes. Rule of thumb here: if it's sat around so long that it's grown legs and can beat you at a game of chess then you need to toss it. And last but not least - I'm NOT EVEN DONE! I still have meetings to attend tonight. I need more coffee!


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