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Saturday, November 05, 2005

One Man's Junk....

The "Friends of the Library" annual book sale was this week. What fun! Thanks to Sherri-Ann and Courtnay for helping this newbie thru what could have been a very harrowing experience. I willingly admit to having been slightly overwhelmed, cause holy cowpokes Batman(!) there were a lot of serious bargain shoppers there. You do not, I repeat, DO NOT want to get in their way. Never-the-less, I managed to find some really cool things. On the practical side I found this awesome old embroidery book. Can't wait to try some of these ideas out. Then I found a great stash of old books that look pretty smashing on my mantle between my two cherished Brownie's (although, I'm not sure they both ARE Brownies). Can anyone say "out of focus"? OY! And just to prove to you how much I love other people's junk (much to my mother-the-Queen-of-all-things chagrin), here's a picture of my mantle entirely decorated with thrift store goodies and found objects. And last but not least, these cool old kids books. I love the colours and the drawings on the front.


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