The Fabricated Goddess

Friday, September 02, 2005

This week in pictures....

Just a quick post to update self portraits from this week. Here's to the ladies who lunch - on Monday. Also my 13th wedding anniversary, too bad hubby was out of town. And are you ever too old for pigtails, really?? But holy jumpin' looks like too much make-up this close-up.....somebody get a loofah and scrub that off STAT!! I was super busy on Wednesday so maybe I thought I needed a little extra colour to keep me going? The aftermath of Wednesday - Thrusday is looking preeeeety tired. But hey I finished a purse on Wednesday and cooked two meals (one to give away) AND gave both the boys hair little feat in it's self, let me tell you. Okay off to find something to wear to a barbeque. More later. Really.


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