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Friday, September 02, 2005

See THIS is my problem, really it is.

You are a Concrete Random thinker. You are Quick,
Curious, Innovative, Adventurous, Intuitive,
and Instinctive.

What you do best is: Seeing many options and
solutions, Contributing creative ideas,
Visualizing the future, Accepting many kinds of
people, Thinking fast on your feet, and Taking

You do not do well when trying to: Write formal
reports, Follow routines, Re-do anything once
its already done, Keep detailed records, and
Choose only one answer.

You prosper when: Using insight and instinct to
solve problems, Working with general time lines
rather than specific deadlines, Using real life
experience to learn, Trying something yourself
rather than taking other peoples word for it,
Working for compelling reasons, and Motivated
by being Inspired.

What style of thinking are you?
brought to you by Quizilla All that stuff is true and it's probably why after all these years of self expression, I've never found my creative niche....I have no recognizable style. I shoot off in random directions - whatever takes my fancy. Like the self portraits or the sewing. So here's what we are going to do, you and I together. I'm going to explore in whatever direction the winds of creativity push me, and you are going to bear with me. I'm not going to apologize for random acts of creativity, even if they seem way, WAY out there. I WILL post recipes. I WILL post pictures of myself. I WILL post ranty bits of witticism from time to time. As well there should be paintings, drawings, doodles, sewing projects and the like. The idea of documenting all this has been rattling around in my head for a while, but I wasn't sure how to do it. Somehow over at Live Journal I got into the groove of just reading my friends list and never actually updating much. At DeviantArt, sure I've got my little gallery, but it's just that, an online gallery of sorts. Not a place to ponificate. And I'm just not cool enough or single enough (I'm very un-single, just so you know) for MySpaces - truly, I'm intimidated just by the avatars that everyone has. So BlogSpot it is. I like the templates to choose from. I like the e-zine-y feel of the layout. I like that it doesn't have the if-add-me-to-your-friends-list-I'll-add-you-to-mine pressure.....I don't know who reads this (maybe no one) and I don't care (and I mean that in the most pleasant way possible). Ok, smooches to you all.


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