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Thursday, September 22, 2005

Pissy and Moany on a Thursday....part one.

Seriously. It's bad. I woke up feeling ok, and things went down hill from there. Let me start at the beginning. A week ago Sunday, I had one of those oddly real dreams that I just could not shake. I dreamed that I was pregnant (which shouldn't be possible anymore, thank-you-very-much-Dr.Hart) and that I was relatively ok with this, deciding that if God wanted me to have one more child, then so be it. Did I say "one"? Ha ha. Ahaaaa haaaaa haaaaa! One! Right. So of course I dont' have "one" I have several. Five in fact. Quintuplet boys, all with bright blue eyes. Yes, that's right, from 2 boys to 7 boys all in one shot. S-A helpfully points out that I should pay attention to this dream. Something about pregancy representing new beginnnings or some such thing. Right. Jump to Thrusday. Erin receives a phone call from one director of international school in Moscow that he's been stalking in recent months. Seems they did recieve his resume and would like to do a phone interview on Friday morning at 6 am our time. Jump to Friday (veeeery early Friday I might add). Said interview takes place. Much praying is done before, during and after interiview. They would very much like to invite Mr and Mrs to Moscow for 4 days to finish job interview. WHAT? Please repeat. Yes, yes indeed....they would like both of us to come. So now, we are scrambling for tourist visas, and child care and Oh MY GOOD GRAVY, I am going to Russia for the weekend?? I'm not even sure how to process this. Let alone the idea of moving there if he gets offered the job. ok, must go and do movie and pizza night....You'll have to wait for part two.


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