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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

The low-down on the what-now.

Ok, so here's the super fast update on operation Moscow. I left you with the defeat of the visa application which resulted in the postponement of our trip. For some reason we both felt the whole thing evaporate right then and there. Getting psyched up for it and then having it just slip away felt really really cruddy. So that last post was my mourning the loss. Now, moving's what happened in the aftermath. Friday, Ethan woke up with what Finn had been sick with all week....the dreaded croup. By 10 pm Friday night we had to take him into hospital as he could not get enough air. Scary, yes, but we all remained calm. Let me just state for the record how thankful I am that the whole trip to Moscow actually fell thru. I would have been beside myself with anxiety had we been half way around the world away from my babies when they were this sick. Not a good place for a mama to be. By midnight we were home, everyone sleeping soundly. PHEW! On Sunday we received an email letting Erin know that they would like to do another one hour phone interview Monday night our time. Not at all what we were expecting to hear. So ok, he had said interview and it went well. So after a few more days of waiting on Thursday we got news that they had offered the job to the other candidate, but (big but too) they were thrilled with both candidates and should for some reason the other fellow not accept the job, they would be coming back to Erin with an offer. So, a let down? Sorta. I mean for us it was really a win-win situation. What? Stay here in Kelowna with all our friends and family and the fabulous weather? Well, ok, if you insist! Yeah, and big pat on Erin's back, they told him that they were highly impressed with him and how he handled the whole interview process, but it just came down to financial experience....the other guy is most likely an accountant. So now, we get to pick up where we left off. A very good place to be indeed. The boys are on the mend. Erin can focus on work here again. And I can start putting life back together after a completely insane three weeks of chaos, confusion, and calamity. YAY me! One quick pic, taken a few weeks ago, and not had a chance to post it yet. I seem to be wearing my "don't mess with me" face, but really I think I was just tired that day... Voila! Now you are up to date.


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