The Fabricated Goddess

Friday, September 29, 2006


To K: Thank you for your shoulder today...I needed support and since we are different ends of the same journey, you comforted me like no one else could. To the two leather faced 55+ year olds in the wretched slut-gear at Starbucks: Please decide what you are going to order BEFORE you are at the front of the line. Also if you are going to hold up the line trying to decide what you want it would be ill advised to then take a cell phone call in the middle of NOT ordering because you never know when there will be an on the edge mother of two small boys behind you, ready to get all freaky on you for less offensive things than that. You have no idea how close you were to losing that 'Desperate Housewives' look you so meticulous cultivated before leaving the house today. Seriously.


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