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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

We're so white.....

I'm posting on location at Nenek's (or Neck-Neck as Finny used to pronouce it) in Calgary this week. We are having a little pre school-starting vacation and aside from the flavoured coffee, it's been lovely. The weak coffe might be the death of me though. Yesterday morning on the way to the Calgary Zoo I spotted a Starbucks and started twitching uncontrollably. I calmly ordered my usual grande-soy-no-foam-latte but what I really wanted to do was reach across the counter, grab the barista by the shirt and growl "mainline me a triple shot, extra hot, right now and no one gets hurt!" Aren't addictions charming? We met my friend Paige at the zoo which was really cool. Paige and I were pregnant at the same time when I had Ethan. The twin's Jacob and Sophia were born 7 weeks premature at around 3.5 pounds each. When Ethan came along two weeks later, 5 days overdue and 8 pounds 1 ounce, he was so much bigger than Jake and Soph that we nick-named him 'childzilla'. You'd never know it now, the three of them are less than half an inch differnce in height. It was really cool to see them together again considering that Paige and I we're conjoined at the hip the first two years of their lives as we figured out the parenting thing. Our husbands also worked together and we all got together several times a week. We were like Hutterite's without the lack of hair products and the little-house-on-the-praire clothes. Oh yes, if anything else back in those days, Paige and I were all about the hair products. After the zoo, Sherri-Ann took us to Peter's Drive In for lunch. A strictly take-out, cash only fast-food cornerstone here in a Calgary and I have to say it didn't disappoint. Best.Onion.Rings.Ever. Then we went to a couple of book stores. At Christian Publlications Ethan and Samson bee-lined for the music department at the back. While we browsed around Samson sang to Christian pop at the top of his lungs and Ethan boogied down. You've never SEEN moves like those. They were quite the spectacle. As we were leaving, I witnessed this conversation between the two boys: Samson: So what music were you listening to? Ethan: Veggie Tales. Samson: Veggie Tales?? Ha! I was listening to (insert Christian Pop Band name here) they are rock and roll. That's way better than Veggie Tales. Ethan: HEY - it was disco! Now I ask you, what kind of parent am I that I'm raising such a Wonder Bread white boy that he thinks disco deserves that kind of respect? I tell you, I'm going to go straight home from here and digging out my Miles Davis 'A Love Supreme' cd and make him listen to that until disco sounds like finger nails on a chalk board to his finely honed ears. And to top it all off, yesterday was my 14th wedding anniversary. Happy Day, Baby. It's been 14 fantastic years. I wouldn't trade a single day. I love you with all my heart and more. Next year we do something special - together - okay?


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