The Fabricated Goddess

Friday, August 11, 2006

Daily Inspirations....

I've had this blank space above my bed waiting for just the right thing for 3 years now. The right piece of art to hang - something to balance the room and contribute to the space. Photos? Painting? Mirror? [ HEY now, not THAT kind of mirror!] The room was missing something, I just didn't know what. So I waited...until yesterday, when inspiration struck. I saw this post by Weeks Ringle on WhipUp(dot)net. Something about this just resonated so deeply with me. I love the clean simplicity of the unadultered words written on plain paper. I love that each word speaks inspiration. I love that together they have a powerful impact - a daily reminder of the core values our family puts faith in. I love that these words have the power to jerk me out of whatever funk I might start to slip into and propel me forward on a positive trajectory. Love..... Trust..... Serve...... Grow..... My words to live by. Words God has long been writing on my heart.


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