The Fabricated Goddess

Saturday, June 03, 2006

Recipe for procrastination....

I should have been packing. I should have been organizing. I'm leaving my babies behind for a few days and heading to Seattle with my hubby for our first official getaway. Ethan is almost 8 after all, so I guess it's high time we had a little alone time. The idea is unsettling me on so many levels. Today I wasn't sure whether I should weep or laugh maniacally. So instead? Instead, I crafted. And just in case you ever need a good diversion from reality, here's a step by step run down. 1: Take two blankies and add some felt. Stir whilst crying softly into your hankie. Your poor babies will miss you!! I should have been packing 2: Wait a minute. I ran out of instructions. Apparently I didn't plan this post out very well. 3: Now enjoy!! Good for snoozing....(you have no idea how much fun they thought this "photo shoot" was) for sleeping... Or SAVING THE WORLD FROM IMMINENT DESTRUCTION! I give you Electric Ethan and Flaming Finny... Further evidence of their pervasive I love these kids.


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