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Monday, September 18, 2006

Tardy Blog-O-Versary....

It's September! Whew! The month that really should be the first of the year, because it seems like everything starts in September. Some things that have started and are about to start (in no particular order): 1. First and foremost - SCHOOL!! This year Finny is going to preschool 3 afternoons a week, and we are (gasp) homeschooling Ethan. Well, not entirely homeschooling...we are involved in a Monday co-op and a Thursday day school program. I get to teach math and language arts at home. I'm still in a little bit of denial about this. It seems like a big bad scary thing to do. But for now it also seems like the best thing for Ethan. We shall see. As usual, I will keep you posted. 2. My women's group is starting up tomorrow morning and I am still the special feature co-ordinator. Really, it sounds important, but it's not that big of a deal. 3. I am the new drama director/co-ordinator (I'm sensing a trend here) for our churches Wednesday night family service. Undoutedly this weekly commitment will be bigger than I suspected. Hopefully, it'll also be more rewarding. 4. I started running 4 times a week(!!) - I know - I'm shocked too. But I have to say, this is the one thing that might actually keep me sane this year. 4 times a week to release the stress, sweat out the frustrations and tone up my spirits, along with - hopefully - my ass. I even bought myself a real pair of running shoes. Sure they cost me $140, but they are hella cheaper than therapy so shut it. 5. (and this is by far my least favorite) We got a hamster. And let me tell you, he is one boring, stinky rodent. He's petrified of us, and he sleeeeeeeeps all the time. Except for about 45 minutes at 3 am when he wakes up to vigorously chew on his cage, thus waking us up. He even eats with his eyes closed. Dumber.than.dirt. 6. I started my voice lessons. I almost cancelled the first one last week, but Sherri-Ann and Erin (foiled again!) threated to drive me there and walk me in, so I went on my own, like the big girl I am. And it wasn't too bad. I felt like a tool still, but I survived, and my teacher said kind and soothing things to me, so I'll probably go back. Annnnddd Happy Blog-O-Versary to all those who've been stopping by on a regular basis since last September. Has it really been a whole year?? I'm not sure who actually reads this, besides my parents, my friend Shram (she's probably lost intrest due to lack of posting), and a handful of relatives back in Ontario (who still call long distance, from work rather than leave a comment ON my blog) but I want to say, that despite the recent sporadic posting, this blog has been such a source of joy and inspiration. I've enjoyed your feedback, support and encouragement immensely and I've grown leaps and bounds this year in my journey toward becoming the woman God wants me to be. I can't thank you enough for riding the bumpy road along with me this past year. Stick around, I'm sure new adventures are just around the bend. I'll keep you posted. Loves, m.


  • Michelle, I have so enjoyed getting to know you better over the last year, both in person and through your blog. You make me laugh and help me laugh at myself. Be encouraged to keep growing, stretching and reaching towards what God has for you.
    Love you!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 9/20/2006 08:27:00 a.m.  

  • Welcome back! ;) Sounds like a crazy busy year for you. I wish I was at the Mom's group. I miss you guys like crazy.
    So running is better than therapy? Well I guess I better get go out and buy a decent pair of runners.

    By Anonymous Simone, at 9/20/2006 10:19:00 a.m.  

  • Count one more regular reader!! I'm still lurking around lol

    By Anonymous Krystin, at 9/21/2006 07:40:00 a.m.  

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