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Thursday, January 12, 2006

A pox upon us .....

Ok, so I'm officially back in action after a much needed and never-the-less exhausting break. Word to the wise: vacation with small children = tired, vacation with SICK small children = exhaustion. Yes I said sick. I thought, THOUGHT, that we'd managed to get thru Christmas without getting any dreaded flues or dastardly viruses, but I was wrong, OH SO WRONG. Three days after Christmas, while we were enjoying a lovely bit of skiing with my folks and my brother at Big White, Ethan broke out in chicken pox. My little trouper, day two of chicken pox and still skiing (all the while infecting everyone on the ski hill, that little mulit-tasker!) Finn, charmingly screaming at my father "I WANT TO GO THE HOT TUB NOWWWW!!! hot tub HOT TUB!!" Doesn't my dad look impressed? Just in case you missed it, BEHOLD, the face that says 'I couldn't be anymore cranky and three-ish if I tried' This really wasn't such bad timing, being Christmas break and all, but we were leaving in two more days to drive to California and go to that Happiest Place ON EARTH place. And given the timing of Ethan's outbreak, we would have boy number two, the infamous Finny Von Finklestein, breaking out somewhere around the time we cross the border back into Canada on our way home from Disney Land (that place which shall now always be referred to as the BUSIEST Place ON EARTH). And that is exactly what happened. Now he is clinging and whiney and covered in chicken pox like nobodies business. He's in the basement, watching TV and playing computer whilst yelling things like 'MAMA, I'm HUNGRY, I need something to eat RIGHT NOW!' and "GET ME SOMETHING to EAAAAT, I SAID!' and, my fav, "MAMA! Did you hear me? I NEEEEED SOME-THIIIINNNGGGG TO EAAATTTT!!!' It's such a treat. Doesn't he look happy? Motherhood is the best. Ok, so here we are at Disney, infecting the entire happy place with chicken pox. And you know, if you haven't experienced the place, you really should. Where else on earth can a grown man with a full beard, pot belly and man boobies walk around wearing a furry Tigger ear-ed head band and not draw undue attention to himself? Now that's something to see. P.S. A big shout out to the ladies at Dad's work, who've apparently been waiting for an update for A WHILE. Today's your lucky day!


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