The Fabricated Goddess

Monday, November 14, 2005

Little glimpses of what was...

There are still some traces of the old Broken Saints forum kicking around the internet. Someone found a few pages of the "Haiku" thread and posted it up. Bear in mind as you read, I DON'T WRITE POETRY. --------------------- you think you know me but you don't you see the package small... tiny small pretty young and you deduce that this equals fragile you think you know me you think.... wouldn't it be nice to own me? protect me? you think you can put me in Gypsy's small gold box I don't fit I never did you don't know me cute does not equal needy so who's think you know me judged by the covers of this book you think you know me you think I need you because I'm small but I can never be what you want don't you see? that my father was right great things can come in little packages you think you know but you don't because I am fierce I have a bite and once you see this, once you've rolled me around in your mouth awhile you'll discover you don't like my taste and you're angry because you think I tricked you you you thought I looked like sugar shocking to find I'm more like salt you think you know me like the monosyllablic adjective you use to describe me you think I am what I seem but I, I am so much more and I have never tried to hide the real me you just didn't want to see past the body, face, the smile you wanted two dimensions a flattened version of me you tricked yourself you think you know me? think again ________


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