The Fabricated Goddess

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Oh What A Crying Shame....

It has come to my attention that some of my family members are reading my blog. Namely, apparently, Auntie Fran, quite possibly Auntie Lila, and now it would seem my own Mother - the QUEEN of all things - is reading too. Shocking, I know. This morning my mother asked for my blog address (again) so that she could check out my picture in which one of her sisters informed her I look "just like Effie". That would be my grandmother, from whom I got my eye colour, hair, nose, skin, fabric addiction, and tragic lack of boobage. HOW am I supposed to write things about them now that I know that they are reading?? Like how can I write about the way they snort when they laugh? Or, the fact that they all (all eight of them) talk at the same time when they are together as sisters. NOT ONLY do they talk all at once, what's worse is they talk McKinley all at once. I'm quite a proficient interpreter, you know, having witnessed many a sisterly gathering. McKinley is my official second language. And how on earth am I supposed to divulge to the internet that many of these said Aunties actually pee their pants laughing at their own McKinley-ness? And you thought that "laughed so hard I peed my pants" was just a euphemism! See how informative writing about my family could have been? *sigh* Now you'll never know how crazy and lovely and whacky my family really is. It's a shame, really.


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