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Monday, March 20, 2006

March Madness OR March Break, if you prefer....

Spring break rages on around here. We've had much moaning about Game Cube and gnashing of teeth over snacks and undiluted apple juice, and that's just the before breakfast segment of the day. Finny is feeling much better, but we're still sticking close to the kleenex box. I'm getting relatively little sewing done. I keep reminding myself that I do have priorities. I do, don't I? I can hear you S-A, saying "uhhh, that's a YES!!" Right, right. We have been having some fun, this break though. Surprisingly hopscotch is big at our house right now. So last week we had a Hopscotch-a-palooza of sorts which involved LOTS of sidewalk chalk and a crap load of stones pilfered from the drive way. It looked a little something like this: Busy little beavers. Little Miss hippity hoppitying...too cute. (Thanks to her Mama for letting me post pictures of her here!) The super rocket-blaster hopscotch. What is this on the top of Finn's hopscotch? I don't know, but I told you, it's madness over here. MADNESS!! And, yes Ethan is wearing his "THING" pj's from the night before and it's probably 4.30 pm. I'm sure they improved his form, because as you can see he's looking veeery good. Ok, off to see if I can drum up some interesting activity for today. GAH! S-A, when are you coming back!! I need reinforcments over here.


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