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Monday, November 13, 2006

I'm So Tired ......

I can't remember my own name right now I'm so tired. What a weekend. And as an added bonus, because I'm desperately blogging every day, I've hurt someone who I love. Rita: you know I get you and that you calling me an idiot tickles me because I know what that means coming from you. We have the same sense of humour about the same type of situations. I don't know why I called it "fallout" but I'm pretty sure it's because it was 6 am on Sunday morning and I had to blog and run. Maybe I meant being called an idiot for publishing the details of my life on the internet was only a matter of time: I'm glad it was you who said it. I'm sorry if I confused anyone. Rita, baby, you've always been my big sister, you can call me idiot anytime. And sheesh, I'm starting to lose steam here. I can't even think of good titles anymore. Last night we went up to Big White to spend the night with some of our friends and by the time we went to bed it was 3 am BC time. That means I'd been up for 24 hours. I'm seriously dying today. I'm so tired I'm dizzy, like I just got off the tilt-a-wheel. I will post an update detailing some of the fun I had on my trip home to Ontario. Right now I need go get my head on straight. If that is at all possible.


  • My Dearest Michelle; You are so young and full of such wisdom for the taking, you openly gve to us your heart felt feelings and inner most thoughts. I am so proud to be your Uncle,don't ever stop sharing with us. I loved your tribute to Dad, I am sorry that he didn't feel the need to respond. You are truely one of God's special children. L. U/PJ.

    By Anonymous U/PJ., at 11/13/2006 06:23:00 p.m.  

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